Your baby mama’s new bedroom partner…

IMG_4633Within the circles of Mommy-To-Bes there exists a conspiracy to replace the Daddy-To-Bes in the bed.  This plot hinges around the introduction of the “Pillow.”  If you’re asking yourself, “what is this pillow and how can it replace me in bed,” you’re not alone.  Again, as the Naive Father, I never knew such a bedroom accessory existed.  When the MTB told me she ordered hers, I was thinking “okay, it’s another king size pillow for the bed.”  When the box was delivered and the contents unfurled, my jaw dropped.  This pillow is massive, it’s human sized, spans the width of a queen sized mattress, and as the picture indicates, wraps around the MTB.

Night 1 started out innocently enough with the MTB keeping her new partner on her half of the bed.  But, within the first week, I was relegated to the distant far edge of the bed.  On the plus side, it did help with the pregnancy snoring and the MTB reported that it helped with back pain and some acid reflux.

So, as your MTB’s bubble of personal space and the comment “Don’t touch me” both increases, you can rest assured that her sleeping partner will support her through the long pregnancy nights.  For additional product information, please click here.