Baby Birthing Classes, Not What You’d Expect

As a first time expectant parent, or in my case a naive soon-to-be father, you’re advised to take the Baby Birthing Classes. It’s four classes, once a week and the goal is to get the parents ready for the big B-day. It starts out innocent enough…breathe this way, massage that way. But then, they roll out the videos. In my opinion, the class is somewhat of a propaganda tool to try to sway Mommy-to-bes from using drugs. They show you videos of “how easy” it is to birth a child without drugs by showing examples of different natural techniques using positions and accessories like the monkey bars. I don’t want to spoil the videos for any expectant parents that might be reading this, but I think in GT’s Mommy’s case all it did was solidify her decision for the epidural. Nor does the class do an adequate job preparing Fathers-to-be for when the nurse says, “alright, grab a leg, it’s time to start pushing.” Sorry, you want me to do what? There was nothing in the birthing plan that suggested this would even be an option. Consider this your warning.