Traveling With A Baby On An Airplane

GT is seven months and we’ve just completed our first family trip.  I had a conference in Florida for work and thought it’d be “fun” to take the family with.  Shortly after making the suggestion it then dawned on me that we’d be traveling with an infant…on an airplane.  We were going to be “those people” traveling with a baby on an airplane.  We tried to anticipate every potential need/want little GT might have during the flights.  Yes, flights, because just like any other business trip, “there just aren’t any direct flights available.”  So we arrived at the airport early, checked our bags, and baby equipment.  We made it through security and to the gate with minimal difficulty.  GT got hungry, boom…bottle is ready.  He needed a diaper change, boom…mobile changing station ready to go.  He got bored and antsy, boom…toys at the drop of a hat.  We were ready.  He did AMAZING on not just one flight, but both.  People commented at the end of both flights, that they “didn’t even know there was a baby in that seat.”  Or, “That little princess did so well during the flight.”  We’re still a little puzzled on that last comment, since he was decked out in what we considered to by boy gender appropriate clothing.  But I digress.  We made it to the hotel and crashed.  All in all, a pretty successful day full of “firsts.”

Flash forward a week to the return trip.  The first sign that the day was going to be eventful was the car service’s car seat was meant for a toddler, not an infant.  So we did some MacGuyvering and made it to the airport safely.  We did the curbside check-in and made it through security pretty uneventfully, and then GT needed a pants change.  I ordered breakfast and caffeine while Mommy cleaned the child.  Then just before we board the plane, GT needed another change.  “Okay, I guess I’ll hold the plane.”  Then, shortly after take off GT’s bowels let loose.  Either he was staging a bodily fluid protest about having to leave Florida, or his system was out of whack from the change in schedule or just travel in general.  That’s when Mommy informs me, “We just used our last diaper.”  “Okay, I’ll just get more out from the carry-on.”  “Eh, no…I checked the rest of the diapers.  He only used two diapers during the entire trip on the way down to Florida.  So, I thought we’d be okay.”  Oh, and that last diaper…it’s a swim diaper.

So, we settle in and the majority of the first flight back home was uneventful, until just before landing.  GT woke up from a short nap, and if you haven’t learned about swim diapers by now, they’ll be warned that they’re absorbency rating is 0.  Mommy, says “Um…I think he’s peeing.”  Sure enough, she lifted one of his legs off her lap and there was a wet spot on her leg.  But it didn’t stop, he just kept peeing and the spot kept growing.  I dove into the diaper bag for burp rags and bibs, and crammed them on her lap.  It was like the Hoover Dam sprung a leak, so I grabbed an airline blanket and wrapped a custom made, fleece, airline monogrammed diaper on GT.  After landing and waiting for the excruciatingly long taxi to the gate, and then waiting our turn to de-plane, I bolt to the nearest newsstand store.  There to my shocking amazement was one package of diapers.  I blew the dust off of the package and paid for the tw0-sizes too big diapers, and then rushed back to a smiling GT.

It was a valuable lesson learned that day and the rest of trip home went about as well as can be expected.  GT was pretty happy and Mommy, well…Mommy looked like she got a little too excited to be heading home.  So, always pack extra, and then double it!

Please share your tales of traveling with a baby or any other travel experiences you might have!