Oops, we did it again…and Traveled with an Infant on an Airplane.

This time we headed to the other side of the country, California.  Traveling from the Midwest we had to had to make a stop in Denver, so Traveling with an infant on a planeanother trip with two flights and a layover.  The trip out was pretty uneventful.  We had plenty of diapers, bottles, formula, snacks, toys, and books to keep an army of kids entertained.  The only difference this time around was that little G was a lot more active, and we had other children in the rows surrounding.  But, he still found a way to catch a quick snooze on the first flight to Denver.  The flight from Denver to California was spent bouncing, mainly on Mom’s bladder, and entertaining the child behind us.  G would bounce and then his new friend would bounce.  G would yelp and then his new friend would yelp.  Then they would both giggle and repeat the process.  But, anything is better than a screaming child in a confined space!

The challenges always happen on the return flight.  Haha…it wouldn’t be worth making a blog post unless there was something to tell.  The flight itself from California to Denver was uneventful, except we had a slight miscommunication on the actual departure time, so we were a little late on getting to the gate.  Luckily they were still boarding, but we didn’t have time to get supplies…mainly water to mix with the formula.  However, because of our son’s undeniable cuteness, the flight attendant swooned over him enough that we asked her to fill some of his bottles with water.  Point G.  The layover was a little longer than before, so we grabbed dinner and restocked on supplies.  But the last flight home was just slightly less tortuous than nails on a chalk board.  The airline, who we shall call United, Traveling with an infant on a planeapparently decided to cut any extra leg room in order to fit an extra row of seats on their planes.  This meant that my knees were crammed into the seat in front of me with no room to spare and the back of the seat in front me’s headrest was about 6 inches from my face.  Awesome.  Then they redesigned the standard pocket that holds all of the crumbs, vomit bag, and germagazines to set behind the fold down table.  This meant we lost another inch of breathing room.  It also meant that little G had to act as a contortionist on the last flight in order to sit in, again mainly Mom’s lap.  I mixed a bottle and Mom got him calmed down, and then the lady in front of needed to write down something super important.  Instead of hitting her directionally aimed reading light, she hits the flight attendant light.  And, just like a lighthouse in the night, it acted like a beacon and stirred our just-about asleep son back awake.  Point stupid people.  At about the same time, two ladies behind us struck up a conversation, a very loud conversation so they could be heard over the engines.  This of course drew G’s attention, because every infant needs an audience.  The ladies continued to yell…no joke, about their husband’s enlarged prostates, the lineage of their 19 house cats, and about all of the friends they have lost to the sands of time.  Three more points.  Hindsight, I should have practiced my survival fort building skills and constructed something from the seats, ear pillows, and scraps of fabric the airline calls blankets to make a proper sleeping unit for G.  Maybe next time.

But, we all made it home.  That’s what matters.

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to share your traveling adventures.