About The Naive Father

na·ive (/nīˈēv/)
adjective;  showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.

Hello everyone!  My name is Brandon and I have been a naive father for a little over 11 months now, since my son’s (GT) big B-day.  How does being a father for only 11 months make me an authority in fatherhood?  It doesn’t, but that’s the whole point of this website and the stories it contains.

The Naive FatherChild Care Résumé

Up until GT’s B-day, my encounters with children had consisted of the lifeguarding, swim lessons, hanging out with cousins at family get-togethers.  There was no babysitting job, no changing jobs, no feedings.  I always envisioned that once it was time to have children, there’d be plenty of time to do some reading and educate myself on the in’s-and-out’s of parenthood.  That’s where the naiveté began.

The Why

Around the time of B-day I had seen a video where the parents had taken a photograph of their child every day and then time-lapsed them.  It was interesting enough to get me thinking about similar ideas.  Not necessarily the exact same, but something I could track over time and then eventually share with GT.  So my big idea was to start jotting down stories about various experiences of fatherhood.  Originally, I was planning to simply save these stories and turn them into a memoir of sorts way down the road.  However, as GT’s 1st birthday rapidly approaches, I want to capture and share these experiences as a way to time travel into the past.  Because as with anything in life, time is passing by and passing by too quickly.  I also want/plan to be able to share these experiences with my son decades from now (hopefully) as he walks down the road of fatherhood.  So call it a memoir, a chronicle, a legacy, whatever you want to call it…it’s one father’s exercise of love.

The Plot

I hope this website proves to be a staging ground for other naive fathers to share stories, gain insight, pat each others backs, share product information, and whatever else it needs to be to boost our confidence…and maybe egos.  Starting out, I plan to share stories of various time posts and reviews of different products that have made life easier or even harder.