Baby Crawling Styles … Your Baby’s First Free-styling Opportunity

“Oh, your baby isn’t crawling yet?  Well every baby is different.”  The first time you hear that statement, you’re likely going to want to jump to your baby’s defense.  Especially if it is coming from the doctor.  Because as I found out, no parent wants to think that their child might be behind the normal curve.  As much as the above statement is stomach churning, it is true and a lot (almost all) of the factors are out of your control.  Everything from rolling over, sitting up, your baby’s weight, your baby’s height/length influence when they’re going to become mobile.  In our case, GT has always been long and lean, 90+% for length but only ~20% for weight.  So, he had a higher center of gravity (Dad-nerd term) which made it more challenging for him to sit up on his own.  That, and he was lazy.  Honestly though, what incentive does baby have for doing anything on his own when lying back on a comfortable pillow and waving your arms around is so awesome.  And when you need something you just cry about it.  This theory was confirmed by another parent at daycare who also determined their child was lazy.

Eventually, your once sedentary, “leave your kid alone on the floor and know where they’re going to be when you get back” child will be a figment of your imagination.  The first few attempts are awkward and wound up in several faceplants.  But after the confidence and determination set in, it’s time to choose one of the baby crawling styles.  Some examples include the traditional hands and knees, bear crawl, and side scoot.  GT’s baby crawling style, well…he went outside the box:

He invented it, tested it, honed it, and is now speeding through the house!


  1. John Rico says:

    Hi there! Babies are really cute especially when they start to crawl. i have also a baby nephew and he is 8months old. He really likes to crawl especially when he is in a large space in bed. However sometimes because he moves very fast, he falls down into the floor. Good thing nothing happened bad to him. What do you recommend for us to do in order to stay the baby safe? We already did the pillows things in the floor. Thanks for your response!

    • The Naive Father a.k.a. Brandon says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the post! Watching our baby learn to crawl has definitely been an adventure for both parties. In answer to your question about keeping the baby safe, I did find that there are several different brand of bed rails. They can be added to pretty much any style of bed and are adjustable to grow with the baby. That way you don’t have to buy several bed rails, you can simply keeping adjusting them as the beds grow. Stay safe!

  2. Levi says:

    I have a 7 year old now. I reminder him crawling around. He was a bit stubborn at first, but that was because the grandparents always wanted to hold him. He didn’t think he needed to be mobile. It has been a great experience watching him grow. Cherish these moments because before you know it, he will be up and running all over the place.

    • The Naive Father a.k.a. Brandon says:

      Hi Levi,

      Thanks for the post! Yeah, he’s starting to climb up on things, which has both Mom and I nervous. But thankfully we haven’t had any major spills…yet.

  3. Janet says:

    My eldest son never crawled, he just shuffled around on his bottom. It took him to 17 months before he finally decided to stand up and walk by himself but he’s nearly thirty now so everything worked out OK. It just goes to show that not all babies are the same and everyone has their own style and pace.

  4. Sammy says:

    Hi, thanks for the post. I have never know that there are so many crawling style for a baby. LOL. Yes, totally agree that different baby has different development curve. Sometimes, just parent can’t wait to see their kid developed and we tend to compare. Average that should be how many months old for a baby to start crawling without the stomach touching the floor?

    • The Naive Father a.k.a. Brandon says:

      Hi Sammy. My son took about 9 or 10 months to get fully off his belly while crawling. I’ve read that baby’s can take anywhere from 7 to 10 months. So, we were within the later end of the average.

  5. Lynne Huysamen says:

    That is so cute! My son did a similar style to that when he first started crawling. Actually his first crawling was backwards, he couldn’t figure out how to go forward for about a week haha. Then he started going forwards but one legs was also dragged behind.
    So cute and now daddy you have your work cut out for you! You will need to put your running shoes on and be on guard at all times!

  6. rina says:

    He’s such a cute baby. I remember my son also did similar type of crawling.
    Btw, or babies are on the same side of grow chart, tall but lean. Some people used to say they are under-weight, but I don’t really bother since they eat pretty well.
    Anyway, when we talk about baby, there will be lots of competition of who reaches the milestone first. My suggestion is to take it easily because as you said, baby has its own growth and it’s pretty unique.

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