First Road Trip with a One-Year Old…Ear Plugs Needed.

The Naive Father recently had the brilliant of taking a small, quick family road trip.  I had to travel to the great state of Minnesota for a training seminar, which amounted to about a 4.5 hour car ride.  Not having driven more than 3 hours one way in the car, I thought it’d be a good test run before the holidays.  We timed it such that he’d take an afternoon nap in the car, which meant he’d sleep through most of Iowa.  Without offending the land 10,000 lakes, all I can say is that G is NOT a fan.  After waking up from his slumber, we crossed the border and after about 5 or 10 miles, he began screaming.  Mom in back tried toys, snacks, a bottle, singing, etc.  Dad even tried playing with the windows, which worked for about 5 minutes, then back to screaming.  Surprisingly, Dad wasn’t the first to crack, but we’ll blame it on Mom’s headache.  So, we pulled over at a rest stop, changed a diaper, and let him out of the car seat for a break.  Rookie mistakes.  He managed to ninja his way to front seat in my lap and played with all the buttons on the console and steering wheel.  Then the battle of getting him back in the car seat began, which he didn’t feel was the best place for him…and we were still an hour away.  So, he screamed and screamed and screamed…oh, look at all the city lights…back to screaming.  We made it to the hotel with just a few frayed nerves, but once we got checked-in, G realized he was an ol’ pro and handled the hotel like a champ.

On the drive back, we tried an alternative tactic and Mom sat in front, out of sight.  Seemed to work for a short time until he grew bored with the scenery.  Then back to screaming.  So, we made it about an hour before stopping for lunch.  After a full stomach, he proceeded to sleep for almost 3 hours.  Haha.  Needless to say, the drive back was way easier.

Sorry Minnesota, we’ll have to wait a while before G attempts to go back.

How was your first family road trip?

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