Our son, the meerkat…advancing in mobility towards walking.

For a while now GT has had been perfecting his unique style of crawling.  So much so, that he’s almost as fast at it as one of his parents is at walking.  But alas, it appears he finally has become board with just seeing his environment from floor level.  At first it was, crawl-crawl-crawl and then pop up on one knee.  Now it has become, crawl-crawl-crawl and then pop up on both feet.  I can’t help but get visual of a meerkat popping up out of a burrow when I see his pop up from behind a chair or the couch cushions.  Both Mom and myself have spent many minutes just watching him crawl-crawl-crawl, stand up with a ball, throw it, and then drop down and chase the ball.

We’re still working on helping him walk without the aid of furniture or walk-behind toys.  But, it’s only a matter of time before he’s running.

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