Product Reviews

BinkiesSo Many Baby Pacifier Brands

I remember early on when we finally got around to making baby registries, that as you’re walking through (the overwhelming close together) aisles, you will eventually stumble upon the wall of pacifiers.  As we approached, I looked over at Mommy-to-be and asked, “Why are there so many different baby pacifier brands?”  As I often have […]

Pregnancy Body PillowThe Pregnancy Body Pillow

At some point within the pregnancy your MTB will likely discover the pregnancy body pillow.  As the Naive Father, I never knew such a bedroom accessory existed.  When she told me she ordered it, I was just expecting another king size or throw type pillow for the bed.  But, when the package was delivered and the contents unfurled, my jaw dropped.  The MTB had selected one of the most top rated pregnancy body pillow […]

Digital Video Baby Monitor

Where to begin about this baby monitor.  In my opinion the most important (coolest) feature about the monitor is the night vision.  It does have a full color LCD screen, but when the lights go out the night vision comes on.  The resolution on the night vision is powerful enough the see GT’s chest rise and fall (even when you’re one-eyeing it at the monitor at 3am in the morning).  The second most coolest feature is its tilt and pan capabilities.  It can pan or rotate almost a full circle and tilt in a half circle, which both boil down to being able to find the baby […]

DSC01788First Year Bottle Warmer

The need for a bottle warmer comes early, within the first week of being at home.  Regardless if you’re planning to use a “natural source” or formula, chances are you’ll need a first year bottle warmer.  This is true especially if when you figure out to prepare bottles ahead of time […]