Random Thoughts

As GT gets older and moves up to more and more advanced rooms at daycare, the comparison isn’t lost on me that daycares are like zoos for little humans.  Mommy and Daddy can observe their little human behind window panes and gated doorways, while their pride and joy socializes with other little humans…or beats them over the head with a toy.

This past summer we took GT to his first Iowa State Fair, kind of a right of passage when you live in this state.  Just like any good (or lazy) parents we took a stroller for easy transportation of GT.  As we’re navigating the throngs of people, I began noticing more and more equally good parents and their strollered kids.  Then for some reason the image of two motorcycles passing on a roadway just as they do their little hand signal entered my mind.  I started to laugh as I imagined all of the little kids in their strollers dropping hand gestures as though they’re in different stroller clubs.